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I'm having trouble redeeming a code

Updated: Sunday 18th June 2017

We have several types of codes that can be redeemed. Please read the guide below to find out what you are looking to redeem and how to proceed:

I'm having problems with redeeming a Steam Product code (or key)

If you have purchased Elite Dangerous or any of its products on Steam, you can redeem them onto your Frontier account on this website:

You will need to sign into your existing Frontier account or create one as part of redeeming your key.

This works for the following Steam purchases:

  • Elite Dangerous
  • Elite Dangerous Horizons Season Pass
  • Elite Dangerous Pilot Starter Pack
  • Elite Dangerous Commander Pack
If you do not find success with this, please redeem your codes by logging into the Frontier Store -> Product Access Key -> Enter Code. (You may need to add a billing address to continue.)

This includes games purchased from Steam or a Frontier Store game gifted to you from a friend.

I'm having problems redeeming a Discount code on the Frontier Store

You can apply a discount code/coupon in the Cart section of the Frontier Store. You can find that here.

This includes Special Day codes, unique promotional codes and more!

I'm having problems redeeming a Gift code or Event code

The page to redeem a Gift Key can be found via the following link:

You will need to login to your Frontier Account. If you are seeing the message "Incorrect username or password", the term 'username' is referring to the email address of your Frontier account.

This includes physical codes have been handed out at PAX, Gamescom & EGX, PC gamer promotions, and more!


Redeeming a gift key is separate to redeeming a product code to access the game. If you need to redeem a code to access the game then please head to the 'Product Access Key' page after logging into 'My Account' on the Frontier Store.

I'm still having problems redeeming my code!

If your code still seems to be invalid then it may be because some of your account data is invalid. Common causes for this are:

  • The first or second name on your account includes numbers.
  • The first or second name starts or ends with a blank space character.
  • The first or second name includes any special characters.
To check your current account details for any errors like this, please log in to your account here.

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