Arx Purchases Via Steam
If you have recently purchased Arx on steam and they haven't appeared in your account, please see this page for advice.


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How do I redeem a code I received as a gift, giveaway, or prize?

Updated: Tuesday 19th November 2019

If you've received a gift, giveaway, or prize code, please check below for instructions on how to claim or redeem it. If you have a Steam key then you will need to follow different instructions found here.

I'm having problems applying a discount code on the Frontier Store

You can apply a discount code/coupon in the Cart section of the Frontier Store. You can find that here []

This includes Special Day codes, unique promotional discount codes, and more!

Where do I redeem a gift code, giveaway code, or event code?

Event codes and gift codes for in-game items cannot currently be redeemed in-game. They can, however, be redeemed by visiting our User Portal here []. This includes physical codes received at events such as Frontier Expo, PAX, Gamescom, EGX & PCGamesN codes on cards included in promotional offers such as in special editions of PC Gamer, or digital codes given away by streamers on Twitch, YouTube, etc.

I'm still having problems redeeming my code (PC)

If your code still seems to be invalid then, in some cases, this may be due to an issue with your Frontier Account such as:

  • The first or second name on your account includes numbers.
  • The first or second name starts or ends with a blank space character.
  • The first or second name includes any special characters.
To check your Frontier Account details for any errors like this, please log in to your account here.

I'm still having problems redeeming my code (Xbox One/PS4™)

If you encounter an error when redeeming your codes, please first check the following:

  • You might have already redeemed your code. During busy periods items may take a while to appear, allow some time and then check for any new items in-game.
  • Your code may be exclusive to a different version of the game. For example, PS4™ promotional codes will not work on Xbox One or PC/Mac.

If you require any further assistance with any of the above and our support site is not able to help, please get in touch using the button below, making sure to include any promotional codes you're experiencing trouble with.

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