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Registering your Steam key and creating your Frontier account

Updated: Wednesday 17th April 2019

The below method only works for purchases made from Steam before the 15th April 2019 at 15:00 BST, for purchases made on Steam after this date, please follow this FAQ

If you already have a Frontier account please navigate here and log in:

If you do not have a Frontier account already then you will need to create one which you can do by navigating to this web address:

Once here please fill out all the information required like shown below:


Once you are logged in on your Frontier account, please head to the product access key page as shown on this screenshot:

When you're logged in you will have to set up a billing address, but Frontier will not charge you for redeeming your Steam keys you have already purchased. After you have set up a billing address, you will be able to submit your Steam key on the Product Access Key page here:


When you launch Elite Dangerous through Steam you’ll be greeted with a message showing you your keys. Alternatively you can right click on Elite Dangerous in your Steam library and select ‘View CD Key’. Once you have your keys you can use the copy to clipboard button and paste them into this screen. If you have multiple keys, make sure that you redeem all of them that Steam shows you.


After you have done this Please launch the game through Steam and when given the option choose Use existing account and log in to your account and then you’ll be able to access the game!

Common problems include the following:

  • The launcher tells me I do not have access to Elite Dangerous? This is likely because you have not yet registered all of your Steam keys. Go to the Product Access page again and enter the remaining keys from your Steam account.
  • My password is invalid and I cannot log in? If you weren't able to successfully register your Steam key, try disabling any addons in your browser before re-registering. You may also want to try the alternative method shown above.
Should you still have trouble registering or redeeming your Steam keys and cannot find the solution in our FAQs, please  create a ticket so the Frontier Support team can help. Be sure to fill in all requested information including each of the keys you were provided by Steam.

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