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​How to apply a Steam product code and create a Frontier account

Updated: Tuesday 21st June 2016

After purchasing Elite Dangerous from Steam, you will be asked to create a Frontier account to play. A Frontier account is a requirement to play Elite Dangerous.

How to create a Frontier account and apply a Steam Product code successfully

When you first start the game from Steam, you will be given one or more product codes. For new customers, always copy the Elite Dangerous product code first, before hitting PLAY.

Steam Product Code

The Frontier Launcher will load and prompt you to REGISTER or LOGIN. If you do not have a Frontier account, please select REGISTER.


You will be taken to a registration page, please enter your email address and select the appropriate options. Check you've answered everything correctly and completed the 'I am not a robot' Google reCaptcha.

New players - please ensure you redeem your Elite Dangerous code here first, NOT a Horizons Season Pass.


You will be asked to confirm your account from here via your chosen email's inbox. Alternatively, you can create an account without using the launcher via the Frontier Store here.

You can open the Frontier launcher and now select LOGIN. When logging in you will be asked to enter a verification code sent to your email.


If you have launched the 'Elite Dangerous: Horizons' version of Elite Dangerous from Steam you will then be prompted to apply your Horizons Season Pass Steam product code to your Frontier account.

Alternative way to redeem Product Codes:

You can log in to the Frontier Store and enter any Steam Keys you've purchased on the Product Access Key page. (This may prompt you to apply a Billing address to your account before allowing you to redeem product codes)

This is the best place to redeem Steam product codes for Commander Packs & Pilot Starter Packs.

Further Help Required?

Should you encounter any problems when registering or redeeming your Steam Product Codes please create a ticket with us using this link so we can help you directly. Remember to include all your Steam Product Codes to improve our ability to help.

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