I've found a bug in Elite Dangerous! How do I contact you?

Updated: Friday 23rd June 2017

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not need direct assistance with the issue you have encountered, please use the bug reporting forums to help the support team respond to players that DO need direct help as quickly as they can.

We keep a list of Known Issues on the Frontier Forums at all times. You may often find assistance for your issue there. If you cannot see your issue mentioned already please submit a new forum report as follows:

  • Use the title to summarise your issue.
  • Use the body to give a detailed description of your issue. Try to include steps on how to reproduce the problem.
  • Be sure to mention how often this occurs for you. Have you only tried it once or multiple times? Does it occur 100% of the time? Did it start after a recent update?
  • Please attach any screenshots or videos and a DxDiag file if you can.

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