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Bobblehead FAQ

Updated: Friday 3rd August 2018

We're bobatively excited about the bobbleheads! Please find some handy FAQ's we've prepared for you:

What is a bobblehead?
A bobblehead is a digital cosmetic item that you can purchase and place on your ship’s in-game dashboard.

How bobbly are the bobbleheads?
Here at Frontier, we’ve worked hard to ensure you get the perfect amount of bobble for your buck. You can check out the wobbliness of the bobble here.

Where can I buy a bobblehead?
Bobbleheads are available on Frontierstore.net and the in game store for Xbox One and PS4.

How do I equip a bobblehead?
All you need to do is equip the bobblehead in the Livery/Outfitting in a starport.

Can I gift a bobblehead to a friend?
We have now updated the Frontier Store to enable digital extra gifting.

Can I still get the CMDR Braben bobblehead?
Not at the moment but Braben may be back at a later date. Please keep an eye on the Newsletter and social channels for any further announcements.

Will you stop selling bobbleheads?
Some bobbleheads will be available for a limited time only. We have no plans to entirely remove bobbleheads from Elite Dangerous after they are introduced.

Will having a bobblehead effect how Elite Dangerous performs on my machine?
We have changed the way bobbleheads work since their first integration in the Alpha test and they now have little-to-no performance impact at all.

Where can I make any suggestions for future bobbleheads?
You can head over to the Frontier Forums to discuss any ideas you may have about bobbleheads.

How much wobble can a bobblehead wobble if a bobblehead could wobble bobbles?
Many wobbly bobbles.

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