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FAQs about the Midnight / Black Friday paint jobs

Updated: Monday 10th December 2018

The Midnight Black (or Black Friday) paint jobs are a set of black paint jobs in Elite Dangerous available in promotional sales.

Where can I get the Midnight Black paint jobs?
The Midnight Black paint jobs can be purchased from limited time promotional sales on and the in-game stores for each platform and were also previously available in a promotional purchase for Elite Dangerous: Horizons (see below). If the paint jobs are not on sale, they are unfortunately not available.

Which ships or vehicles are the midnight black paint jobs available for?
The Midnight Black paint jobs are available for most ships and vehicles that you can buy in-game.

Are the Midnight Black paint jobs the same as the Black Friday paint jobs?
Yes. "Black Friday paint job" refers to the Midnight Black paint jobs.

I play Elite Dangerous on PS4™ or Xbox One, can I buy the Midnight Black paint jobs on
No. To purchase any in-game extras including the Midnight Black paint jobs for your version of the game, please log in and access the in-game store from the Commander you wish to purchase them for.

All in-game items are labelled with PC and Mac compatibility only as they will not appear on the Xbox or PS4™ versions of the game.

I pre-ordered Elite Dangerous: Horizons, do I get any Midnight Black paint jobs for free?
If you purchased Elite Dangerous: Horizons prior to the end of Black Friday 2015 (27-Nov-2015), then you will have already been gifted the original Midnight Black paint jobs for free! The paint jobs included were for the following ships:

Asp Explorer
Asp Scout
Cobra MK III
Cobra Mk IV
Diamondback Explorer
Diamondback Scout
Eagle Mk II
Federal Assault Ship
Federal Corvette
Federal Dropship
Federal Gunship
Imperial Clipper
Imperial Courier
Imperial Cutter
Imperial Eagle
Viper Mk III
Viper Mk IV

Note: Some of the newer Midnight Black paint jobs were not available in this pack.

I'm a proud owner of the Lifetime Expansion Pass. Do I get any of the Midnight Black paint jobs?
Yes! As the Lifetime Expansion Pass includes Elite Dangerous: Horizons, you will have already been gifted the original Midnight Black paint jobs for free! Please check the answer to I pre-ordered Elite Dangerous: Horizons... for the list of included paint jobs.

I've bought a Midnight Black paint job but it doesn't appear in-game?
During busy periods, store purchases can take a short while to appear. Please check your livery in-game again later. If the paint jobs do not appear after a short while, there may have been an error with your purchase, here are some common causes:

1) There was an error processing your payment. For PC and Mac players, you can check any purchases made via the Steam Wallet or by logging in and checking your order history.
2) If you are a PS4 or Xbox One player, you cannot purchase these paint jobs using - these purchases will only apply to the PC or Mac versions of the game. If you have made a purchase for the PC or Mac version in error, please contact the support team.
3) There may be an error already under investigation. Please check for any notices at the top of the support site page to see if the support team are already investigating any delayed orders.

Can I apply these paint jobs to my ships in CQC?
No. The colour of all ships in CQC is decided by your team.

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