macOS High Sierra
We are investigating a potential issue between macOS High Sierra (10.13) and Mono 5.4. Please install Mono 5.0.1 if having problems with the launcher on Mac.
If you were experiencing any crashes with the 1.4 update for Planet Coaster, please ensure that you have the latest 1.4.1 update installed from Steam before restarting the game.
Due to a high number of orders there may be delays of up to 30 minutes for items purchased in the Frontier Store to appear in-game.

I get a validation error when downloading or updating Elite Dangerous using the launcher

Updated: Saturday 18th November 2017

If you find that the launcher is unable to download the game fully, or you see "Update failed for file... (validation error)" when updating the game. You may need to clear the temporary files that the launcher stores to continue downloading normally.

Remove the launcher's temporary download files 

The launcher stores its current file download in  .part or .progress files, deleting these can help refresh the download: image
  • Close the Elite Dangerous launcher.
  • Locate your game's installation folder by checking this FAQ.
  • To easily locate all these files, search the folder for files ending in .part or .progress.
  • Remove all files that end in .part or .progress.
  • Start the Elite Dangerous launcher as normal.  

Try clearing Windows' cached download files

In some cases, you may need to clear the cached files for Microsoft's .NET. framework: 

  • Close the Elite Dangerous launcher.
  • Go to the Windows Start Menu and type Internet Options.
  • Open the Internet Options dialogue.
  • On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Delete...
  • Tick Temporary Internet files and website files and Cookies and website data
  • Click Delete.
  • Start the Elite Dangerous launcher as normal.

I'm still having problems, can I download the game a different way?

Yes! If you continue to encounter problems when downloading the game via our launcher, you may wish to install the game via  Steam instead. Adding the game to Steam is free and you can find out how to add Elite Dangerous to Steam here.

I can't use Steam, what else can I try?

Should this error persist and the above steps haven't been able to help, please click Contact Us at the top of this page to create a ticket with the support team. To help the support team solve your problem, please include your Client.log and Update.log files as shown in this FAQ article.

Do you need additional support on your issue?

Yes, Open a Ticket

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