2.3 Beta
The 2.3 Commander Beta has been updated and Multi-Crew is now live. Patch notes here. Support information and FAQ can be found here!

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Beta Upgrade FAQ

Updated: Thursday 2nd March 2017

Who can purchase and access the Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Beta Upgrade?
As of March 1st 2017, for a limited time, players that already own Elite Dangerous + Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass can purchase and successfully apply the Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Beta Upgrade to their account.

If an account has Elite Dangerous or Elite Dangerous: Arena registered only, players will need to purchase the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass to be eligible to use the Beta Upgrade.

Where can I find the patch notes?
The Beta release patch notes are available here on our official forums!

Am I eligible to play the Horizons v2.3 Beta?
The following product owners will be eligible to play the Beta:

  • Horizons - Beta Upgrade owners (available here)
  • Lifetime Expansion Pass owners
  • Elite Dangerous Alpha owners
  • Elite Dangerous Premium Beta owners
  • Elite Dangerous Horizons Beta package owners

Do I need to purchase the Horizons - Beta Upgrade?
The Beta Upgrade is required to access all Horizons Beta servers - this covers all remaining 2.X test periods - and participate in the new content early, but is not necessary to access the final live release.

Will I be able to play on or via Steam?
While you cannot purchase Beta access on Steam, if you have the Beta on your Frontier account and you are logged into the Steam version of the Elite Dangerous launcher with this same account, then you will be able to download the Beta in the launcher. The Beta will not show up in your Steam games library list.

Will my progress be wiped once the Beta ends?
Yes. As with previous releases, all Beta progress will be lost once the Beta servers are taken down. Progress is non-transferable to live server CMDRs.

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