06/07/17 - We are currently investigating intermittent connection issues on PlayStation®4 for BT/Openreach customers. Please follow the steps in this FAQ to help prevent these issues.
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I am having trouble connecting, do I need to change any settings on my router?

Updated: Saturday 19th March 2016

If you hare having trouble connecting to Elite Dangerous, or you cannot see other people in-game then your router may not have UPnP enabled or you may need to use port forwarding.

The first thing to check is that your router supports UPnP. Head to your router's configuration menu and make sure UPnP is enabled. If you are unable to tell your router to use UPnP then you can use port forwarding instead by following the instructions below.

Step 1:
First we need to tell your router to use port forwarding. As this process is slightly different for every router please visit and search for your specific router.

As you follow the guide you will need to specify which ports to forward. We generally recommend UDP port 5100 but if this is not available please choose another UDP port that isn't already in use.

After this has been done, we need to tell Elite to use this port as opposed to using UPnP.

Step 2:
Locate your game folder.

Download the file attached to this FAQ article AppConfigLocal.xml into the game folder. This will tell Elite Dangerous to use Port Forwarding instead of UPnP.

Please note that this file will specify that you're using port 5100 from Step 1. If you need to use another port number please edit the file in notepad or a similar program and change the appropriate number.

If you continue to have connection issues after restarting Elite Dangerous fully, please submit a ticket to so we can assist you further.

Attachments: AppConfigLocal.xml (134 bytes) 

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