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How do I set up Port Forwarding?

Updated: Thursday 27th September 2018

Port forwarding is commonly used to resolve problems encountered when connecting to the Frontier Servers, or to other players. It is especially important to enable port forwarding if UPnP is disabled or unsupported by your router.

Setting Up Port Forwarding (Easy)

Forwarding ports in your router:
As this is a different process for every router please visit PortForward.com and search for your specific model of router. This should guide you through the port forwarding process and ask you which port to forward. You will need to forward a UDP port. We usually suggest port 5100 but you can use 5101, 5102, 5111, or 5200, using the in-game options.

Tell Elite Dangerous which ports to use:
1) Head to the main menu in-game. If you are currently logged in, please return to the main menu by selecting Save and Exit from the Escape menu.
2) Open Options.
3) Go to Network.
4) Set Port Forwarding to On.
5) Set Mapped Port Number to the number you chose on your router in Step 1.

Elite Dangerous will now use port forwarding instead of UPnP.

Setting Up Port Forwarding (Advanced)

If you cannot get to the options menu to configure port forwarding then you can enable both port forwarding and detailed netlogs by downloading the AppConfigLocal.xml file found at the bottom this article. Please ensure that you have configured port forwarding on your router (as shown above) before continuing.

Tell Elite Dangerous which ports to use:
1) Download the AppConfigLocal.xml file below.
2) Place the downloaded file into your installation folder, alongside the game's existing AppConfig.xml file. You can this folder using the file locations FAQ article.
3) Open the downloaded AppConfigLocal.xml file in a text editing program.
4) Edit Port="5100" to your chosen port number, for example: Port="123456"
5) Save and close the file.
6) Restart Elite Dangerous.

To learn more about the netlog files that are created, and find where they are saved in case you need to send them to the Frontier Support Team, see this FAQ article.

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