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I am having performance issues on Planet Coaster

Updated: Saturday 27th October 2018

Before contacting us, please run through the following troubleshooting steps to help troubleshoot your issue:

1. Check your PC meets our minimum specification

You can check if your PC will run Planet Coaster by taking a look at our minimum specifications.

2. Ensure Windows and your Graphics Card drivers are updated

Please check that your Windows is up to date and that all your graphics card drivers are fully up to date.

To perform a Windows Update: Please follow Microsoft's advice in their support article. 'How do I keep my PC up-to-date?'

To update your Graphics Card Drivers:

Updating drivers for your graphics card and some peripherals does not work with the automatic Windows Updater & must be acquired by the manufacturers website.

For Nvidia graphics cards, you can get the drivers at www.Geforce.com/drivers.

For AMD graphics cards, you can get the drivers at www.amd.com

For Intel graphics cards, you can get the drivers at www.intel.com (Note: Intel graphics cards are not officially supported by Planet Coaster at this time) 

Some notebook computers will require that only drivers validated by the system manufacturer may be installed. Validated drivers should be provided on the manufacturers website.

3. Use Full-screen Mode

Running the game in Full-screen mode may result in improved performance. By default Planet Coaster runs in Borderless Windowed mode.

You can swap between Full-screen and Windowed modes from the Graphics Options menu under 'Screen Mode'. In most cases you can also press Alt+Return to swap at any time.

Note: Fullscreen mode is not currently available when running the game in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

4. Check your PCI-E slots are being correctly utilised.

This step may be of particular benefit to high-end graphics cards. You will need to download GPU-Z for this check. The program is trusted and allows you to view data related to your GPU.


Once this program is active, check the 'Bus Interface' section. You should see an entry that reads something like this: "PCI-E 2.0 x16 @x16 2.0".

Depending on your motherboard you may see different details here. However the key part of this entry is the @x number. It may read @x4, @x8 or @x16. With higher performance cards, you'll be looking for x16 to be displayed here.

You will have to check the manual which came with your PC to identify the motherboard you have, or if you know the motherboard then search then specifications online. The purpose is to find what type of PCI-E slots your motherboard has. You then need to find out if your graphics card is seated in a x16 slot or one of the other options. If it's not in a x16 slot, you need to move it to one to get the full benefit of that cards performance.

If you're unsure, a good rule of thumb is to seat your graphics card in the top PCI-E slot, which is the one closest to your CPU. Once this is confirmed then reboot your system, re-open GPU-Z and check the 'Bus Interface' again. If it didn't say @x16, it should now. Launch Planet Coaster as normal and you should see a significant boost in performance.

5. Report a bug

If you continue experiencing a performance issue or your game continues then you should submit a bug report.

These can be submitted on our dedicated bug reporting forums. Please make sure you include the following:

1) What you were doing just before you encountered this issue.
2) Your Steam name or ID
3) A DxDiag file


In rare cases customers may need to contact the support team to request a refund. Please ensure you contact Steam Support if you purchased the game from Steam.

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