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Elite Dangerous on PlayStation®4 FAQ

Updated: Thursday 27th September 2018

We’re making full use of the PS4™ and the unique features of PlayStation®4 Pro to deliver an experience unlike any other on the console, with features tailored to the DUALSHOCK®4, whether you’re down on the surface of a planet or cruising around a stellar system, connected with your friends or meeting strangers out in the black of space.

Here are some of the answers to commonly asked questions about Elite Dangerous on PS4™:

Is there a physical version?
The Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition is the complete Elite Dangerous experience available as a physical, boxed alternative to the digital version on the PS4™.

What does the Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition on PS4™ come with?
The PS4™ version of Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition is the complete experience. Including Elite Dangerous, the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass and an additional 1,000 Frontier Points for use for purchasing game extras via the online store.

Does Elite Dangerous for PS4™ work on PS4™Pro?

Will Elite Dangerous support PlayStation®VR?
Elite Dangerous is a flagship VR game on PC so of course, VR is important to us. It’s definitely something we’re looking into, but we have nothing to announce for launch.

Are Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons available individually?
Yes, you can purchase the base game and the expansions separately.

Will PlayStation®, PC and Xbox One players ever share the same physical space and compete against one another?
That’s a desirable feature and something we’d love to do, but we have nothing to announce right now.

Does this require PlayStation®Plus membership to play?
Solo Play does not require PlayStation®Plus. Anything that requires direct multi-player interaction, such as Open Play, CQC, Private Groups requires PlayStation®Plus.

Is remote play available for PlayStation®Vita?

Can I transfer my CMDR save to the PS4™ from my PC, Mac or Xbox One?
This is not supported at this time, however the support team may be able to assist. More information available here.

Can I share my commander between platforms?
Unfortunately, we are unable to support access to a single CMDR save across multiple platforms.

Can I move my PC or Xbox One game license over to the PS4™?
This will not be possible. PlayStation®4 will be a new purchase on a new platform.

Can I use my PC peripherals (mouse, keyboard, controller, etc)?
Players can use a USB keyboard for text input only.

As a Kickstarter backer, do I get anything from the PS4™ release?
A PlayStation®4 version was not part of the Kickstarter for Elite Dangerous and will not be included as part of any historical pledge.

Does PS4™ have an in-game shop like the PC version for cosmetic items?
Yes. You can access it through Outfitting or on the main menu.

How does store currency work on the PS4™?
Players can purchase Frontier Points from the PlayStation®Store. These points can then be used to purchase ship items, such as paint jobs, ship kits and bobbleheads from the Frontier Store via an in-game link.

Can I buy/transfer my paint jobs, laser colours etc to the PS4™?
All cosmetic items intended for use on PS4™ must be purchased on PS4™.

Is there be Joystick support for PS4™?
The Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas 4 is supported for Elite Dangerous on PS4™. 

Is the DUALSHOCK®4 touchpad button utilised at all?
Elite Dangerous supports the DUALSHOCK®4 controller in the following ways:

  • Touch Navigation. Explore Elite Dangerous’ map of the Milky Way with a swipe using touch pad that makes navigation fast and easy.
  • Extra Control. Customise four additional touchpad button ‘hotkeys’ to suit your own play style.
  • Fast Headlook. Quickly track your enemies in the heat of combat with optional motion-based headlook controls powered by the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.

How does the Commander name system work on PS4™?
A player's PlayStation™Network Online ID (PSN Online ID) is used as their Commander Name.

Are updates released in parallel with PC or will they be slightly delayed from PC to Console?
Updates for PS4™ are in sync with the PC, just like they already are on Xbox One.

Is there a demo?
Unfortunately not.

What locales/languages are supported?
Language support for the PS4™ is the same as the currently supported languages on PC and Xbox One with the exception of Brazilian Portuguese.

Will PS4™ players be able to get the Cobra Mk IV?
We don’t have anything to announce at launch regarding the Cobra Mk IV, however, we are aware of the interest in it.

Is there a similar level of graphical detail on base PS4™ than it is available on Xbox One?
Yes, the two are very similar in terms of performance and appearance.

Does PS4™Pro have options to favour performance or favour resolution?
The PS4™Pro has an option to choose between Performance/Quality. Performance means the game runs as smoothly as possible, Quality means it looks as good as possible but runs slightly slower than Performance. Both options on the PS4™Pro are smoother than the regular PS4™ experience.

Will PS4 Pro support 4K? And if outputting to a 1080p display, will there be supersampling? Are there going to be options to enable or disable it?
No 4k or supersampling support on PS4 Pro for launch. As listed above the PS4 Pro options are “Performance & Quality” settings.

Will either or both PS4™ and PS4™Pro support HDR?
We currently don’t support HDR on either console.

Does the game support Surround Sound 7.1 and/or 3D sound? (for use with the Sony Platinum Headset, for example)
7.1 Surround Sound is currently supported.

Is button remapping supported for HOTAS? (including dead-zone customisation, inverted and hold toggles etc)
Yes, the same button re-mapping as on the DUALSHOCK®4 is available.

Are the Thrustmaster HOTAS and the DUALSHOCK®4 usable at the same time?
The DUALSHOCK®4 can’t be used for gameplay at the same time as the T-Flight HOTAS system but it can be used for system functions.

Will you implement the PSN 'Players Met' feature?
This won’t be available at launch but it’s something we are aware of.

Is voice chat available in-game, or is it PS4™ party chat only? And in either case, will we be able to toggle between broadcasting to local space and talking to wing members in private?
Voice chat is available in-game or you can use a PS4™ Party to chat to a specific group of people if you wish.

Do you allow PSN-level player blocking to block users in Elite?
Selecting to block a Commander will bring up the PlayStation block player interface, so all blocking is done via the PSN ID of the user.

Is 100% trophy completion possible in Solo mode?
Trophies will require some online play, however, we have taken into consideration how much online play is required to achieve the trophies. Platinum can be achieved without the need for the Horizons expansion.

Will there be any use for second screen? For example, will the player chat be movable to the second screen (PlayStation®Vita or PS App)?
Not currently. Remote play is supported on PlayStation®Vita though.

Will head tracking through PlayStation®Camera work?
There is no support for the PlayStation®Camera for head-tracking or any other features.

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