XBOX 2.3
We're aware of an issue preventing some Xbox Commanders from logging in. We are working on a permanent solution and currently suggest using the workaround shown HERE to return to the game.
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Where are my missions after the Elite Dangerous update?

Updated: Sunday 16th April 2017

Any open missions were wiped from all Commanders on April 11th when the servers are upgraded to Update 2.3 - The Commanders.

This has affected any current missions that have not been handed in or abandoned, regardless of whether these are active, completed, or failed.

Any missions removed will not have suffered from the regular penalties such as reputation loss, fines, or bounties. Exploration data obtained whilst completing any mission will be unaffected by this update.

Thank you for your patience while we worked on bringing you this update.

Note: Frontier Support will not be able to assist with any missions that are lost as a result of the update to Update 2.3 - The Commanders.

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