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Why am I regularly encountering errors connecting to Matchmaking or Adjudication Servers?

Updated: Tuesday 11th December 2018

If you are experiencing errors connecting to the matchmaking or adjudication servers whilst playing please follow the steps below.

Connection errors can often caused by a number of problems. Please review our Connectivity Troubleshooting Steps to rule out the most common problems before proceeding.

Verify your game files as follows:

  • Ensure that the game is not currently running and open the Elite Dangerous launcher.
  • Select the correct way to repair your game files
    • Normal Frontier Installation: Go to Options and select Validate Game Files.
    • Steam: If you are using Steam you can use Steam's built-in verify integrity function.
    • Xbox One: Re-install the game as normal.

If you've already completed the above steps and continue to regularly encounter 'Error connecting to Matchmaking (or Adjudication) Server' messages we encourage you to obtain a Netlog file and submit it to our QA team for them to review.

You can create a Netlog file as follows:
  • If you are currently playing the game please select Save and Exit to exit to the main menu to enable the Network section of the Options menu.
  • Open the Network options menu.
  • Set Logging to On.
  • Continue to play the game until you encounter the error.
  • Your Netlog file will appear in the location listed under Path in the Network options menu. You can also locate these using this FAQ article.
Please send this to our QA team by creating a bug report on the relevant forum section HERE.

Note: This error should not be confused with other similar server error messages, please see the corresponding FAQ articles below:
The Game Failed to Communicate with the Authentication Server
Could not connect to Transaction Server

If you require help with the above, or you suspect that you have a unique connection problem that you may require help with, you can also send your Netlog file to the Customer Support team by creating a ticket below.

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