Can I transfer my assets or Commander between PC, Xbox One, and PS4™?

Updated: Monday 10th December 2018

We can help with a one-time transfer between PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

Some important facts about this service that you will need to know:

  • This does not transfer your game - We cannot move your copy of Elite Dangerous to another platform, you must already own the game (and have created a Commander) on both platforms prior to moving any credits.
  • Only wealth can be transferred - We can only transfer the total value of your Commander's earnings to another platform. DLC, Frontier Points, cosmetics, ranks, merits, cargo, and other in-game progress cannot be transferred and will have to be re-earned or repurchased.
  • One-time only - Wealth transfer can only be done once and, once completed, no further transfers can be made for either account.
  • Your original Commander will be deleted - After receiving final confirmation, your original CMDR will be removed and cannot be restored.
To see if we can help you with this transfer please get in touch with the customer service team and we will be glad to check to see if your account can be transferred.

Note: All transfer requests must be sent from the email or Frontier Account associated with the original Commander.

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