Arx Purchases Via Steam
If you have recently purchased Arx on steam and they haven't appeared in your account, please see this page for advice.


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I don't receive the verification email when registering my PS4™ account

Updated: Wednesday 4th December 2019

If you cannot receive our verification emails, please check your spam folder and any email filters you may have set up. It's also wise to check that your email is correct on your account settings page here:

Should you still be unable to receive our emails, please consider adding all of the following three emails to your email account's list of approved senders, or your contacts list:

If you are unsure how to do this please use the following guide from or contact your email provider.

If you are still unable to recieve any emails from the addresses above then we might need you to try using a different email provider. Please setup your alternative email with another provider and then retry the verification process. If you have already set up your Frontier Account, you can change the email address associated with it by going to your account page here:

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