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Receiving the error message "Operation Failed" when trying to save your progress in Jurassic World Evolution on PC (Steam)? Please follow this guide to help resolve this issue: https://support.frontier.co.uk/kb/faq.php?id=454
Are you having trouble launching Jurassic World Evolution™ on PC (Steam)? We've put together a helpful troubleshooting guide to help you here: https://support.frontier.co.uk/kb/faq.php?id=455

I'm experiencing connection errors during gameplay on PlayStation®4

Updated: Wednesday 27th September 2017

Connection errors in Elite Dangerous on PS4™ can often be resolved by restarting your hardware fully or enabling UPnP.

Ensure that your router has UPnP enabled by accessing the configuration panel and adjusting the setting for UPnP as indicated in the instructions for the router.

Once the router has restarted, or if there was no change necessary, we suggest performing a full restart of the router by unplugging it, leaving it unplugged for 1-2 minutes, then plugging it back in. It should take another couple of minutes to restart and connect again.

Once your router has restarted, please also restart your PlayStation®4 console fully by pressing and holding the PS button, selecting Power, then selecting Restart PS4.

Note: Setting the console to Rest Mode will not prompt it to fully restart and Restart PS4 must be selected.

05/07/17 - We are currently investigating an issue where certain ISPs may encounter periodic issues with their connectivity. In these cases, we suggest performing the following steps to ensure optimal connectivity:

  1. Head to the following page: http://ec2-reachability.amazonaws.com/
  2. Under EU, Ireland, find the first entry that has a green tick next to it. Make a note of the IP (not the IP prefix) of this entry. We normally suggest 
  3. Head to the following page: http://www.letmecheck.it/mtu-test.php
  4. Enter the IP you made a note of in step 2, select IPv4, then click Test it! 
  5. The site will check your connection and display a list of results. In the list of results, identify the entry that contains the highest number of bytes where the result is not fragmented 
    Example: Sending 1472 bytes to <- not fragmented
  6. Head to the PS4 network configuration settings and proceed to use your normal settings aside from the following changes:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:
    MTU: Add the value you identified in step 5. In our example, this would be 1472.
  7. Complete the network configuration and perform the test. The test should confirm your connection is working normally.

If you are a BT customer then you will need to disable BT Protect and BT Parental Controls in order to use the DNS settings shown above.

Note: If you cannot connect to letmecheck.it then you can also find your ideal MTU by using the command prompt on a Windows PC:
  1. Open a command prompt (type CMD into the start/search bar).
  2. Enter the following and then press Enter: ping –f –l 1472 
  3. If the results state Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set then try again but enter a number slightly lower than 1472
  4. When the note about fragmented packets disappears, you've found your ideal MTU. Use this in Step 6 above.

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