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A skimmer has collided with my ship whilst landing at a planetary outpost

Updated: Tuesday 1st August 2017

What struck me? Why was I shot by the planetary outpost?

When landing at a planetary outpost there is a chance that the skimmers patrolling will be doing so very high up. In these cases, the skimmers may target your ship whilst falling, collide with your ship and destroy themselves. If this happens, the skimmer will likely explode and either cause you to do the same or for the outpost to apply a bounty to your ship, authorising a lethal response.

If you think this has affected you, please do get in touch as the support team will be happy to reimburse you for the losses incurred. We would also like to suggest some additional steps you can take to prevent further collisions.

Avoiding the Skimmers

In order to prevent your ship being assaulted by the rogue skimmers, we suggest pausing when exiting the glide phase and waiting for the skimmers that are patrolling too high to land before proceeding to the outpost.

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