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How can I block a player?

Updated: Friday 3rd August 2018

You are able to block another user to prevent them being able to contact you by following the steps below:

Blocking a player from the main menu:

  • Block players from ‘Friends And Private Groups’ option
  • Select friend from either the online or offline sections
  • Select ‘Block’ from the list of options that appear
  • You can also ‘Unfriend’ players here too
  • Block players from ‘Friends’ list on front end:
  • Friends online will appear in a list on the top right hand side of the main menu
  • Select players name and choose ‘Block’ from list of options that appear

Blocking a player in game:

  • Target the player
  • Activate the chat Comms by holding down B and pressing up on the d-pad for the Xbox controller OR Pressing “2” on the keyboard.
  • Open the drop down for that player by pressing “A” on the Xbox pad or “space” on the keyboard
  • From the drop down menu select “Block player”

Xbox One users can find a guide on how to block others at this URL:
PS4 users can find a guide on how to block others at this URL:

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