What are Pilot's Federation bounties?

Updated: Sunday 26th November 2017

Introduced with the 2.4 update, if a CMDR commits murder against another CMDR without valid legal reason they will receive a Pilot's Federation bounty.

Pilot's Federation Bounties are applied to the perpetrator of a PVP murder only and are valid in all non-anarchy jurisdictions.

Like regular bounties, Pilot's Federation Bounties cannot be paid off. Once the bounty has been claimed or the timer has ticked down, they become Pilot Federation legacy fines .

Pilot's Federation bounties do not apply when:

  • Both perpetrator and victim are pledged to Powerplay factions and combat takes place in a system controlled or exploited by one of those powers.
  • The victim has Report crimes against me disabled.
The size of the bounty and legacy fine will be dependant on the value of the ship flown when commiting the crime; an additional cost is added if a CMDR swaps to a less expensive ship before paying legal costs at a rebuy screen.

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