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"You do not have access to Elite Dangerous" Error Message

Updated: Tuesday 27th February 2018

The error message "You do not have access to Elite Dangerous" will appear at the bottom of the log-in screen if your Frontier Account does not contain the Elite Dangerous base game yet. We commonly see this error with customers who have purchased the Elite Dangerous: CMDR Deluxe Edition via Steam - if this is you, carry on reading below:

Ensure you have redeemed your key for the base game (as shown below) to your Frontier Account by clicking REGISTER on the login screen of the launcher and filling in your login details and key. Alternatively, you can redeem any key here.

To locate your Steam keys, right click Elite Dangerous in your Steam library and select View CD Key.


Copy your key using the Copy Key to Clipboard button and register your key here.

Note: If you are registering a key that you've already redeemed, you will see an error telling you the code has already been used. You can check if you redeemed your code successfully on the 'My Orders' page.

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