AOL Emails
Due to an issues between our email sender and AOL, some players are not receiving our emails. For assistance, please read this FAQ:
STEAM CUSTOMERS! If you find yourself stuck in a login verification loop, please ensure your purchase has been registered to a Frontier account:

Why am I not receiving emails?

Updated: Friday 22nd December 2017

Our top tips to allow our emails to come through to you include:

1. Check your Junk/Spam filters:

The most common cause preventing emails from being received is automatic spam filters. Please ensure that you have no spam/junk filters for the email addresses below as they are likely to prevent you from receiving our emails. Some email providers also require that you add our email addresses to your contacts or approved-senders list:

You can find further advice on you junk/spam filter by visiting your email providers help articles (some listed below):

2. Try an alternative email address:

Some email providers may block our emails before you receive them (From late 2017 onwards, we actively experience extended email delivery issues with AOL domains). 

In this case, we suggest using an alternative email address from a different email provider. You can update the email associated with your Frontier account at any time on your Account Information page.

Note: During busy periods, these codes can take several minutes to appear in your inbox.

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