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What is the Material Trader?

Updated: Thursday 28th June 2018

The Material Trader allows players to convert materials from one type to another. Their services are available to Horizons players only.

You can find the Material Trader under your Contacts in station services. Each Material Trader will only accept materials based on one of the three types:

  • Raw
  • Encoded
  • Manufactured

The UI will show a grid of materials that you can trade, if you cannot find the material you are after you are likely visiting the wrong type of Material Trader.

At the Material Trader materials are divided into categories, for example Cracked Industrial Firmware & Modified Embedded Firmware will be under the Encoded Firmware category at the Encoded Material Trader.

You will first need to select the item that you want to receive. Once you have selected an item, select a second item you want to trade for the wanted material. 

Items that are available to be traded will show two numbers in the top left hand corner, separated by two arrows. The top number is how many of that specific material you will need to trade in, and the bottom number is the amount of the requested material you will receive. The amount needed to exchange will vary depending on the grade of materials that you’re offering and receiving, as well as if you are trading materials in the same category or not.

After selecting what material you want to trade you can select the quantity you want to trade for the wanted material, after confirming the amounts the wanted material will be added to your account, and your offered material will be removed from you account.  

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