What is the Technology Broker?

Updated: Tuesday 27th February 2018

Technology Brokers are dealers in new rare technologies and items. These contacts can generally be found in highly populated systems with a high security level. Tech Brokers allows the player to unlock new weapons and modules in return for specific materials and commodities. Their services are only available to Horizons players.

Once you have unlocked a weapon or module from the Technology Broker, you will then be able to purchase this through the Outfitting screen. At the launch of Beyond, or 3.0 the unlockable weapons and modules are:

  • Medium Shock Cannon (Fixed, gimbal & turret)
  • Medium Remote Flechette Launcher (Fixed & Turret)
  • Medium Enzyme Missile (Fixed)
  • Size 4 Meta Alloy Hull Reinforcement Package
  • Recon Limpet Controller
This list is subject to change with further updates.

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