Crime & Punishment FAQ

Updated: Tuesday 15th May 2018

How do fines and bounties work?

  • When you commit a crime, a fine or bounty is applied to your ship.
  • New for 3.0, fines never mature into bounties and bounties never become dormant or expire.
  • If you commit a crime in another pilot’s ship during multicrew the fine or bounty will be applied to your most valuable ship.
  • Fines can be paid at security contacts, however bounties can only be cleared at Interstellar Factors when your Notoriety is at zero.
  • If your ship is destroyed with a detected bounty you will respawn in a Detention Centre, where you will need to pay off all valid fines and bounties in that jurisdiction.

What other types of bounty are there?

  • Interstellar bounties are issued when fines and bounties for factions aligned within a superpower become too high. They are valid in any jurisdiction governed by that superpower or their associated minor factions.
  • Power bounties are issued for Powerplay related crimes. They do not affect starport services access and are only valid in Powerplay-specific scenarios. Currently power bounties can be paid off at Interstellar Factors.
  • Pilots Federation bounties are issued for illegal PVP crimes. They are valid in all non-anarchy systems.

What are hot ships and modules?

  • When a bounty is applied to your ship it is “hot”. All equipped modules also become hot.
    - Stored ‘hot’ modules will need to be cleaned (at 5% of their rebuy cost) before being transferred to a clean ship
    - Hot modules in storage will not be cleaned when paying off fines/bounties on a hot ship, potentially incurring extra costs if you have a low value fines/bounties
  • While docked in a jurisdiction where your hot ship is wanted your Starport Services access is restricted.
    - Ships can access outfitting anywhere except Starports controlled by a faction that has issued a bounty or fine against them.
    - Basic refuelling will be available at all Starports that offer the service regardless of a ship’s legal status
  • Hot ships can be cleaned at Interstellar Factors if your Notoriety is at zero.
  • Hot ships can be sold for a significantly reduced profit.

What is Notoriety?

  • When you commit a murder your Notoriety is increased by one unit up to a maximum of ten. 
  • Notoriety is applied to your commander, not your ship.
  • The higher your Notoriety, the higher the bounty on your head.
  • If you murder another player (i.e. not an NPC) the higher your Notoriety, the lower their rebuy cost.
  • If your Notoriety becomes too high you will attract the attention of the ATR. 
  • Notoriety decreases one unit every two hours of play when obeying the law.
  • Notoriety does decay while docked, however it will not update in your statistics until you undock and jump to supercruise.

What is the ATR?

New for 3.0, the Advanced Tactical Responders are heavily armed security ships. They are tasked with stopping high-Notoriety commanders, either by forcing them out of a system or destroying them.

For additional details and further discussion on crime and punishment, please visit here.

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