Exploration FAQ

Updated: Friday 15th February 2019

How has exploration changed for Chapter Four?

  • The Discovery Scanner has been removed from Outfitting and is now a Utility module available on all ships by default.
  • The new Discovery Scanner now has a mode called the FSS Mode (Full Spectral System) for scanning bodies.
  • The Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS) is an optional module in Outfitting that now fires probes at planetary bodies to scan planets to help locate planetary points of interest. You can also use this on planetary rings to help locate mining hotspots.
  • Both modules can only be used in Analysis Mode; a new mode that separates combat modules and hardpoints from exploration and mining modules.

Do I have to use the new FSS Mode or DSS?
No, you can still explore the old way and travel to each body, target and scan. FSS Mode makes this much easier though.

Can the FSS Mode or DSS be used in normal space?
FSS Mode can only be used when moving at the slowest speed in supercruise. This also applies to the DSS which can only be used when near a planetary body.

How do the new exploration changes work in multicrew or wings?
  • Multicrew members are able to access FSS Mode and use the DSS.
  • Discovery tags are shared between multicrew members but only the helmsman receives exploration data. 
  • Discovery tags and exploration data is shared between all wing members.

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