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Codex FAQ

Updated: Friday 15th February 2019

What is the Codex?
The Codex is a database of knowledge and discoveries found in Elite Dangerous. It can be located in the Systems Panel in the Home tab and is divided into three sections:

  • Commander – contains statistics and information about your commander; all tourist beacons and audio logs available to view or listen to; a chronological session log summarising basic activities.
  • Discoveries – a map of the galaxy divided into regions. Each region can be highlighted to display the current number of discoveries found within.
  • Knowledge Base – articles covering a variety of lore and associated information, and all exploration discoveries.

What are Codex discoveries?
The introduction of the Codex establishes new interstellar and planetary phenomenon. When you locate one of these discoveries, use the Composition Scanner (available on all ships by default and usable in both fighters and SRVs) to scan and record it in the Codex.

A discovery in the Codex can be in a number of states:

  • Not Present – The discovery is not present in this region of the galaxy.
  • Rumoured – The discovery is present in the region but it has not been located or recorded in the Codex.
  • Reported – The discovery is present in the region and has been located and recorded by someone else.
  • Confirmed – The discovery is present in this region, has been located and recorded in the Codex by you.

What are Codex Discovery vouchers?
For recording discoveries, you can receive Codex Discovery vouchers which can be handed in at a Contact in Station Services for credits.

As with other vouchers, Codex Discovery vouchers are lost when your ship is destroyed.

How are discoveries handled in multicrew/wings?
Discoveries made in a multicrew are only given to the captain even if it was another crew member that made the discovery. Individual wing members make their own discoveries.

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