Mining FAQ

Updated: Friday 15th February 2019

How has mining changed for Chapter Four?
New mining modules and hardpoints are available for use in Asteroid Clusters, Asteroid Fields, Mining Hotspots or Resource Extraction Sites.

The Prospector Limpet now helps detect readings within an asteroid to help determine which of the below tools you need to extract the deposits.

  • Abrasion Blaster – A small hardpoint used to break off surface deposits of asteroids.
  • Sub-Surface Displacement Missile – A small or medium drill used to collect sub-surface deposits.
  • Seismic Charge Launcher – A medium hardpoint designed to break apart certain asteroids, revealing deep core deposits.
  • Pulse Wave Analyzer – A utility module for detecting deposits within asteroid fields.
  • The Mining Laser can be used in the same way as before to mine ordinary deposits.
The deeper the deposit, the more valuable the reward.

Once mined, collect the chunk as normal via Cargo Scoop or Collector Limpet and store it in a Refinery. Once you have collected 100% of a refined material, it will be converted into a commodity and added to your cargo.

Can I mine in a multicrew or wing?
Yes, all the mining modules are available in turreted form to be used by the gunner in a multicrew. However, the owner of the ship will be the one to keeps the goods collected. You can also mine in a wing but each member will have to do their own part as if they were playing individually.

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