Background Simulation FAQ

Updated: Friday 15th February 2019

How has the background simulation changed for Chapter Four?

  • The background simulation (BGS) now provides more detailed information, useful both for players already involved in the BGS system and helping to introduce it to new players who are less familiar.
  • The Status Tab in the Systems Panel will now show you a list of factions in your current system and their economic and security status. You can select a faction to see a more thorough description of its current state. This information is also available in the Squadron UI, Galaxy Map, Mission Board, Passenger Lounge and more.
  • Where before a faction could only be in one state across all systems where they have presence, factions can now be in multiple states across systems.
  • War, Civil War and Election states are now all 7 day conflicts to allow more time to engage in influential activities.
  • A new Happiness statistic aggregates a faction’s various states and influence to determine if the faction is happy or not.
  • Civil Liberty is a new state, acting as the Boom equivalent for Security.
Are any changes to the BGS affected by both Open and Solo modes?
Yes. The changes affected are the same across both modes.

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