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Updated: Tuesday 31st December 2019

In the Elite Dangerous universe, Arx is an alternative currency created and regulated by the Bank of Zaonce.

As an Elite Dangerous player, you can earn Arx on your PC or console. You can also purchase Arx through the in-game store.
It’s important to note that this isn’t a currency we’re implementing anywhere else, and it can only be spent on game extras in the Frontier in-game store. Arx can only be used on the platform that they have been purchased on and cannot be moved between the PC, PlayStation® and Xbox One version of Elite Dangerous.

What are Arx?

Arx is a new currency, introduced to Elite Dangerous across all game platforms in the September 2019 update, which can be used to purchase in-game extras; such as Paint Jobs, COVAS, Ship Kits, Bobbleheads and more! All merchandise, games and DLC will continue to use real-world currency.

How do I get Arx?

Arx can be earned by simply playing the game! We won't ask commanders to change how they play, simply being an active player and engaging with the game is all that's required. Additionally, players are also able to purchase packages of Arx through the platforms' respective stores (PlayStation® Store and Xbox Marketplace and, for PC users, you can visit arx.elitedangerous.com). 

How many Arx can I earn, without purchasing a pack?

Players can earn up to 400 Arx every week. The total earned for the week will be added to your overall balance and reset zero to with the Thursday maintenance tick.

Where can I see how many Arx I have?

You can view your Arx total, as well as the amount earned so far each week from The Elite Dangerous main menu. You can also view them from in-game store ‘Livery’ section.

Have Arx replaced Frontier Points?

Yes, Arx have replaced Frontier Points and players that had any outstanding balance of Frontier Points will have had them converted into Arx appropriately.

Have Arx replaced Credits?

No. Arx have not replaced Credits, nor are Credits purchasable.

Can I buy Arx using Credits?

No. Credits remain a separate, in-game currency only.

Can I gift Arx or Game Extras purchased with Arx, to another player?

No. It is not possible to gift earned Arx or extras purchased with Arx to another player. 

Can I transfer my ARX to another account?

We are not introducing the ability to transfer ARX to another account.

Do ARX work globally across platforms? (e.g. PC + PS4)

No. ARX do not work globally cross-platform. They are per-CMDR basis.

Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation® Plus to earn of purchase Arx on console?

You do not require either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation® Plus to earn or purchase Arx in Elite Dangerous.

What do I do if I have an issue with ARX or have purchased the wrong item?

Please contact Customer Support at support.frontier.co.uk.

I don't see the correct Arx balance.

If your Arx balance is not displaying the correct amount, please try the following steps:
1. If you are using an Xbox One, please clear your Xbox One cache. PlayStation® users please restart your console.
2. Please check that the Arx have been purchased on the same account that bought Elite Dangerous.
3. Re-load the store in-game.
Should your balance still not correctly displayed, please take a screenshot of what you see on your end and create a ticket so we can look into this for you.

If I delete my commander do I lose my Arx?

No, Arx are tied to your Frontier account rather than a specific commander.

I've previously purchased paint packs for a single paint job. Can I sell paint jobs I haven’t used for an appropriate amount of Arx?

No, it is not possible to sell in-game extras for Arx. You can now, however, buy individual paint jobs without having to purchase packs. Packs will still remain available; resulting in a net saving on packs of paint jobs.

Why am I unable to earn any Arx?

A minority of players may experience a negative balance of Arx due to an incomplete payment or credit card chargeback from a store purchase; Arx canot be earned until the balance reaches zero (or above). The balance can be restored by purchasing the appropriate Arx pack to fulfill your balance requirements.

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