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How do Fleet Carriers work?

Updated: Tuesday 9th June 2020

Fleet Carriers are mobile bases, intended as an end-game purchase for experienced players. They are also a cross-platform feature.

How much does a Fleet Carrier cost?

The base price of a Fleet Carrier is 5 Billion Credits.
Fleet Carrier owners must pay towards the upkeep of the carrier. This costs 5 million credits and must be paid weekly.

How can I purchase a Fleet Carrier?

Players must go to a station with a Brewer Corporation Carriers contact. They can purchase the carrier from the contact.
These stations will also include a Carrier Dry Dock bodysite, where players can choose the design of the carrier.
Carriers can only be purchased at the following locations:

  • Colonia – Jaques Station
  • Ehlanda – Clark Port
  • Agartha – Enoch Port
  • Panoi – Garan Hub
  • CD-47 990 – Jackson Ring
  • Lan Tzak – Jacobi Platform
  • Namnetes – Jolliet Enterprise
  • Kruger 60 – Kepler Gateway
  • Skeggiko O – Kuo Terminal
  • Balante – Laplace Ring
  • Alcor – Macdonald Settlement
  • Kakmbutan – Macgregor Orbital
  • Diso - Shifnalport

What activities are available with a Fleet Carrier?

Players can run services, just like a starport. This can include:
  • Commodities Market
  • Black Market
  • Shipyard
  • Outfitting
  • Repair, Refuel and Rearm
  • Hand in Exploration Data, (this can be done immediately, without the need of moving 20 LYs away first).
Players can also redeem bonds via a Redemption Office contact.
They will also have the opportunity to store their own ships and modules on-board,
Players can also transfer cargo directly from their ship to the carrier, or into storage.

How does jumping work with a Fleet Carrier?

Players will be able to utilize a Frame Shift Drive like a standard ship, but in this case, other players can dock on the carrier and jump with the ship too, and to prepare other players that are stationed in the FC, it takes 15 minutes for a jump to start.
To select a destination, the player can select a target from the Galaxy Map, although carriers cannot jump to Permit Locked Systems.
Fleet Carriers have a maximum of 500LY jump range.
A jump can be cancelled until the final 5 minutes, when the jump is locked in.
There is also a 5 minute cool down once the jump is completed.
In order to activate a jump, players must fuel their carrier with a new commodity called Tritium.

Where can I find Tritium?

Tritium can be found in Icy Asteroid Rings, or it can be purchased a particular markets.

How can I manage a Fleet Carrier?

All Fleet Carrier functions can be controlled through the Carrier Management screen. This screen displays the following options:
Summary - This screen displays a summary of the following:
  • Carrier's item and service capacity
  • Available services
  • Security Rating - Including local system power and relationship with power
  • Carrier Administration availability
Navigation - Includes navigation information for the carrier, including:
  • Current Location
  • Scheduled Destination
  • Estimated Departure Time
  • Landing Pad Lockdown timer
  • Tritium reserves
  • Jump capability
Budget - The financial state of the carrier:
  • Carrier Balance
    - Commodities Trading
    - Secure Warehouse
    - Weekly Upkeep Allocation - Credits allocated to pay off weekly carrier costs
    - Available - Remaining funds which are not allocated anywhere
  • Weekly Upkeep Allocation
    - Percentage of Carrier Balance allocated to funding weekly activities
  • Weekly Upkeep
    - Core Costs - Cost of Fleet Carrier upkeep
    - Optional Costs - costs of optional services
    - Number of Jumps - costs increase with each jump
  • Service Tariff
    - Additional charge on certain services
  • Fleet Carrier Banking
    - Add/Withdraw funds from the carrier budget
Commodity Trading - A summary of the commodities market
  • Total Inventory Value - Value of all commodities stocked on the carrier
  • Number of Commodity Types - Number of commodities traded in the market
  • Capacity Allocation - Amount of carrier space dedicated to commodities
  • All-Time Trade Profit - All time profit from the carrier
  • Profit Trends - Profit information over the previous weeks
  • Manage Market - Manage, Purchase and Sell orders
Carrier Crew - Hiring, Enabling and Disabling carrier services
  • Players can change the avatar of the contacts
Secure Trading - Displays summary of Stolen Goods' value
  • Total Stolen Goods Value - Total value of stolen goods on the carrier
  • Number of Commodity Types - Number of commodities traded in the market
  • Capacity Allocation - Amount of carrier space dedicated to stolen goods
  • Carrier Security Rating - Security rating with local superpower
  • Secure Trading Sales Trend - sale trends for stolen goods over previous weeks
  • Manage Secure Warehouse - Manage purchase and sell orders
Shipyard Stock
  • Manage ship stock in shipyard
Outfitting Stock
  • Manage module stock in Outfitting
Livery - Same functions as a standard ship livery, although applying items behaves differently
  • Tints, Nameplates, Engine Colours, ATC and Holo-Markers update as soon as they are changed
  • Layouts change at the next instance change
  • Carrier ID cannot be changed
  • Docking Access - Who is allowed to dock at the carrier, players who are already docked will not be kicked off.
  • Notorious Commander Access - whether CMDRs who are considered notorious will be allowed to dock
  • Set Current Activity - sets the title image on Carrier services
  • Decommission Fleet Carrier

How do services work in Fleet Carriers?

There are 3 core services immediately available upon the purchase of a carrier. These services are always active and cannot be disabled or removed:
  • Bridge Crew - No associated functionality
  • Tritium Depot - This allows players to donate Tritium fuel at their leisure.
  • Commodities Market -
    - Carrier owners can purchase commodities from players.
    - They cannot purchase Powerplay or Rare Commodities.
    - Carrier owners can set the price and maximum number of units the carrier will purchase.
    - If players attempt to sell goods to a complete order, or the purchase price of the goods changes during the sale, error messages will be displayed.
    - Owners can also sell commodities to players. They do this by transferring items to the carrier to act as stock.
    - Owners can set the price and minimum remaining stock of the commodity.
    - Error messages are displayed if the player attempts to purchase items that have been bought already, or the price of the items changes during the sale.
There are also 10 optional services available:
  • Repair Crews
  • Refuelling Station
  • Armoury
  • Redemption Office
  • Shipyard
  • Outfitting
  • Secure Warehouse (Black Market Warehouse)
In order to use these optional services, they must first be activated in stations, within systems with Carrier Authority.
A system with Carrier Authority follows these guidelines:
  • Is not Permit Locked
  • Is not classed as an Anarchy system
  • Has a population between 22m and 10b
  • Has a tech level above 100
  • Has a development level above 75
  • Has a standard of living above 60
  • Has a wealth above 70
A station that can activate services must follow these guidelines:
  • Must be a starport
  • Has either a high-tech and/or industrial economy type
  • Isn't controlled by a criminal or anarchist faction
A Carrier Service will be turned off if the station is damaged, under repair or put under lock-down.

How does security work in a Fleet Carrier?

The Security section of the Fleet Carrier covers how many System Authority vessels will attend the carrier when a crime is committed.
Fleet Carriers carry a Security rating, which can decrease if there are more crimes committed in the carrier's vicinity.
A high security rating means that fewer authority vessels will attend the ship.
A lower rating means that more authority vessels with attend.
If there are no crimes after seven days, then the security rating can go back up to 100%.

How can I decommission a carrier?

This can be down in the Settings section of the Carrier Management screen.
This process takes 7 days, leaving time for the owner to reconsider. A percentage of the cost is refunded to the player once decommissioning is complete.

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