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Can I change my commander name?

Updated: Thursday 27th September 2018

If you need to change your name for a specific reason please submit a ticket to the Customer Support team with the reason for your request and a short list of your preferred options in your preferred order. 

Please be aware that these changes are limited and should only be requested under special circumstances.
Repeated name change requests may result in your existing name being locked in place, with no option to adjust it in the future.

We do not rename CMDRs for clan purposes.

If you wish to change your commander name in-game you can restart your save game. Currently, this is the only option to perform a name change manually.
To do this, go to the Main Menu, select Options and then select Clear Save.


WARNING: Selecting Clear Save will delete your Commander and all your progress.

Once you have done this the Create New Player screen will appear and you will be able to choose a new Commander name.

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