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Connectivity Troubleshooting Steps

Updated: Tuesday 14th May 2019

Your connection to the internet and the Elite Dangerous servers involve many different elements. In order to help us assist you as quickly as we can please follow the troubleshooting steps below prior to contacting us:

1. Check the Elite Dangerous server status.

Sometimes the servers need maintenance and on occasion there may be unforeseen problems that can cause you to have trouble connecting. You can check the server status in the top-right of this page. If the status is set to OK then please read further, otherwise please allow us some time to complete the server maintenance.

2. Check your anti-virus or firewall isn't blocking Elite Dangerous.

Software firewalls on systems and hardware firewalls on routers can prevent your computer from connecting to our servers and other players. Please disable any anti-virus or firewall programs fully, restart your PC, and then try playing once more to be sure this is not the case. There are known issues with Comodo Internet security that can continue to cause issues even if this has been uninstalled, if this is the case please check your internet adapter settings and restart your machine.

3. Check your internet connection is stable.

Please follow the steps below to check that your internet connection is stable during the times you encounter disruptions:

  • Open a command prompt by typing "cmd" in to the search field in the start bar menu
  • Type: ping -t -l 900 or ping -t -l
  • Press Return and then leave that running and start the game
  • If you get a server disconnection, please check the command prompt window and see if there were any disruptions in your ping or maybe even failures around the same time.
If there are extended or inconsistent delays in your results this indicates your connection may be unstable. We recommend performing basic home network troubleshooting and then contacting your Internet Service Provider to see if they are able to offer any advice.

4. Check your router

  • Some routers have advanced security features that can often interfere with Elite Dangerous' connection to the servers. You can disable these security features temporarily to determine if these are contributing to your connectivity problem.
  • Most routers have a Universal Plug 'n' Play (UPnP) function that automatically opens and closes connections for you. If your router supports UPnP please ensure it is enabled and your computer is allowed to access this feature. 
    If you are unsure how to configure your router to use UPnP please search for your router on and follow the instructions to enable UPnP.
  • Routers very rarely get a chance to restart which help to clear out any problems that might build up over time. If you're experiencing slow load times or delays while playing please unplug your router for up to 3 minutes before letting it start up again to help it refresh itself.

5. Still have connectivity issues?

If you're still experiencing multiplayer issues after attempting the above steps such as long load times, unable to see another player you're trying to meet, or being disconnected whilst playing, then there are some logs which provide useful information that will help us to diagnose and resolve your issue as fast as possible

  • To obtain these netlog files, please follow the short steps in our netlog guide.
Please remember to attach or link your netlog files if you need to create a ticket with us.

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