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Gameplay Issues Summary

If you're experiencing Gameplay Issues in Elite Dangerous, we will do our best to help you get back playing once again.

We consider gameplay issues to be areas requiring support, such as known reported bugs preventing you from playing entirely, the background simulation, squadron related issues in addition to other areas.

If the issue you had was connection or server related, please use our  Networking Issue form to submit a ticket.

If you believe the issue is related to a bug, please head to our  Bug forums to find and contribute to the issue affecting you. If we believe the issue you are contacting us about is an unreported bug, we may ask you to report it on our forums for our QA team to verify.

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This ticket is for Elite Dangerous Series with regards to Gameplay Issues- change

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PC - Gameplay Issues

If you are having problems with specific gameplay issues such as the BGS, Squadrons, known bug reports and more, please provide as much information as possible on the issue so that we can help investigate further.
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You can obtain a Dxdiag by following these steps: | Click the "Start" menu | Type/Search for "dxdiag" and click "Ok". | In the new window, click on the button labelled "Save all information" | A "Save As.." prompt appears. Choose a destination and click "Save". | Please paste the file that is produced here as a .txt format. | Advice on this can be found here:

Your FID can be found in bottom left-hand corner of the Elite Dangerous main menu.

Please use the date format and state your timezone (DD-MMM-YY HH:MM) e.g. 31-JAN-2019 13:41 GMT
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Please upload your latest Journal log file (max of 3 files) to help us investigate your issue. For help locating this, please check this filepath: C:\Users\%userprofile%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous

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